Only a S’mother’s Love

I was reading an article in the USC alumni magazine and ran across a book review of “S’Mother,” a memoir about the letters the author, Adam Chester, received while going to school there. I haven’t had a chance to get it yet, but amazon has it.

You can read his blog at:
There’s some really funny letters he’s posted from his Mother on there. Worth checking out for the laughs!

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Love is an ART

I’m a sucker for letters regarding love and a book just came out detailing the exchanged letters between photographer Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O’Keefe. The first volume is called My Faraway One: Selected Letters of Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz and chronicles the years between 1915 to 1933. I cannot wait to get ahold of the book. From the letters I have seen Stieglitz’s handwriting is beautifully written in calligraphy style pen with fat blades of ink on delicate looking paper.

NPR has a great story on it at:

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Besima Wishes

I started letter writing in 2007 with this woman in Bosnia through the Women for Women International charity. The charity is set up so that you sponsor one woman for an entire year, paying a small amount monthly so that she can attend classes in her town. The classes will help her become upwardly mobile and provide a social environment that is as much about building community as it is about building working skills. I absolutely love hearing from the women I directly sponsor. Although the letters back to me tend to be infrequent, it still warms me to know that she still receives mine. Besima was my first pen pal through the organization and a woman that I still often think about.

For more information on the organization or to sponsor a woman, go to

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Honors for my Grandfather

My grandfather died in July 1970 right before my oldest brother was born. On a recent trip to see my parents my Dad showed me this letter from his father. It was the last letter he was to receive from him and probably one of the most important for the history of my grandfather. He was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer that took his life the next year. Although I didn’t know him I am fascinated with his life and wonder if that’s where I get my creative streak from. He had beautiful handwriting. Check out the way he wrote Airmail on the envelope, it’s very indicative of his work as an architect.

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Write a letter. Help a woman.

I’ve been writing letters to women in war torn countries for the last five years through Women for Women International. So far I have sponsored three women in Bosnia, one in Kosovo and one in Rwanda. It’s a very rewarding program that helps women become upwardly mobile and offer a network of support that is larger than their immediate community. I love receiving letters from my sponsored women. It’s an amazing way to see charity in action. Please consider sponsoring a woman.

This link has some of the letters from women in the program. I will be posting some of the ones I have received as well.

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“Rebel Outlaw Revelution”

Charles Manson is infamous for his madness. I wrote him a few years ago as part of a project in the book “This Book Will Change Your Life” (see Day 13) and received this response letter on November 28, 2003. I can’t make much sense of it, but its rambling poetic verse is fairly fascinating.

If you’re so inclined to write him I’m sure he’ll respond. Let me know if you do!

Charles Manson
California State Prison
B-33920, 4A 4R-23
PO BOX 3476

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Thank you for Thank you cards!

A great article on npr for those that appreciate mail.

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Cash4Gold really can be so unreasonable sometimes. on Twitpic

Cash4Gold really can be so unreasonable sometimes. on Twitpic.

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“Eun”-ique Experience!

I just received this two days ago from a friend who teaches on the Semester at Sea Ship. She has been all over the world, met many different types of people and experienced more adventure than many of us ever will in our lifetimes. I can only guess what she encountered in Monk’s quarters!

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You Shouldn’t Know More Than You Need To Know

Part Story, Part Love Story

First love comes with lots of naive expectations. This letter is story interjected with secret meanings, a personal language of love and longing. Only a portion of it is forthcoming in its message, but the underlying feelings are throughout. Written June 6, 1998 and sent through stolen office supplies as admitted. Simple and sad, this letter tells its story through prose and fiction.

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